Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Samast Mahajan?

Samast Mahajan is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to social and community development. It focuses on various areas, such as education, rural development, Animal Welfare, Rainwater Harvesting and Grassland Development.

Where is Samast Mahajan based?

Samast Mahajan is based in Mumbai, Ahemdabad and Rajkot, but its outreach and programs may extend to various regions, including rural and underserved areas.

What are the main objectives of Samast Mahajan?

The primary objectives of Samast Mahajan are to uplift underprivileged communities, promote education.

How can I get involved with Samast Mahajan as a volunteer or supporter?

You can get involved with Samast Mahajan by visiting their website or contacting them directly to inquire about volunteer opportunities, donation options, and ways to support their initiatives.

Does Samast Mahajan work on specific projects, or is it involved in a wide range of activities?

Samast Mahajan is involved in a wide range of activities, but it often focuses on specific projects in areas such as education.

What is the impact of Samast Mahajan's work in the community?

Samast Mahajan's work has had a significant impact on the communities it serves. It has improved access to education.

Is Samast Mahajan a registered NGO?

Yes, Samast Mahajan is a registered non-governmental organization, and it operates in accordance with the laws and regulations governing NGOs in India.

How can I make a donation to Samast Mahajan?

You can make a donation to Samast Mahajan through their official website, bank transfers, or by contacting their representatives. They may also provide information on specific donation campaigns and how your contributions will be used.

Does Samast Mahajan have transparency in its financial operations?

Yes, Samast Mahajan is committed to transparency in its financial operations. They regularly publish annual reports and financial statements that detail how funds are utilized.

Can I sponsor a specific project or beneficiary through Samast Mahajan?

Yes, Samast Mahajan often provides opportunities for individuals or organizations to sponsor specific projects, beneficiaries, or initiatives, allowing you to make a more direct impact in the area of your choice.

How can I stay updated on Samast Mahajan's activities and impact?

You can stay updated on Samast Mahajan's activities, impact, and events by following their official website, social media profiles, and subscribing to their newsletters.

Please note that the specific information and details may vary based on the actual operations and initiatives of Samast Mahajan. It's always a good idea to contact the organization directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.



Head Office 409,Prasad Chambers, Opera House, Mumbai - 400004

22060390/ 23620546


Registered Office B/108, Sun West Bank, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380009

(079) 30027800


308, Vitta Bhavan, Nr. Gurukul, Gondal Rd, Rajkot, Gujarat 360002


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