• Let there be no Distinction between the flying,crawling and the walking ones

350 Panjarapole/Gaushala

2,36,000 Cattle

36,000 Acre Pasture Land

Samast Mahajan: Serving Mankind, Nature And Every Living Being.

Samast Mahajan, established in August 2002, and registered under the Charitable Trust Act has been tirelessly working for more than 13 years towards various causes like social, environmental, humanitarian and compassion towards animals and birds. It was Pujya Gurudev Panyas Shri Chandrashekharvijayji Maharaj Saheb’s blessings that helped initiate the formation of Samast Mahajan under the able leadership of Girishbhai Shah, a renowned philanthropist. Being a Jain and also a firm believer of Ahimsa (non-violence) and compassion towards all, Girishbhai set the code of conduct of Samast Mahajan in accordance with much touted omnipresent principle of the live and let live. The main objectives of Samast Mahajan were etched out at the very beginning: To save animals from being sent to slaughterhouses, to encourage and inspire farmers to do farming using indigenous manure instead of chemical based pesticides and fertilizers.

Today, Samast Mahajan is fulfilling various needs of more than 350 Panjrapoles & Gaushalas and has provided financial assistance to them. The organization also introduced various donation schemes for compassionate donors who believed in its philosophy and transparent workings. One of the major areas where Samast Mahajan has made a remarkable contribution to the society is education. Its schemes offer all necessary help to the underprivileged children to pursue education. Also, it offers similar aid to schools and gurukuls for partial or complete re-hauling of their premises and or infrastructure

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What We Do

Jeev Daya
Animal welfare is the well-being of animals. We often ask “How Are You?” to our closed ones. We at SAMAST MAHAJAN ask this question everyday to animals. From its inception in 2002 Samast Mahajan has always taken the well being of all our mute and innocent animals as its top priority.
Financial support given to someone is a temporary solution but support given for knowledge becomes cause of permanent happiness. One moment of service when receives excellence through education then not only the beneficiary person but also the entire family get benefits of it. Education Service Schemes are concrete efforts of entire Mahajan in this direction. You are also invited to join.
Happiness spreads in the heart of almighty god when men with ability to speak, protects and serves inarticulate life. In line with such kindness schemes of entire Mahajan, several options are available through organization such as to adopt inarticulate-life on annual basis to donate one truck or one train of grass.
Natural Calamity
May there be drought in Maharashtra or devastating floods in Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir, Samast Mahajan is always on its feet to reinstate so that the society clears all tests of distress nature. With such a noble cause, the organization is continuously exercising many activities in drought effected areas of Maharashtra and flood affected areas in Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir. Let us participate in it and make volunteerism meaningful.

Our Vision

  • No slaughter of any inarticulate life in the world nor they have an accidental death.
  • Permanent ban on export of meat from India.
  • All farmers of the country should stop using harmful chemical fertilizer and start to use only natural manure.
  • To protect the crops and farmers of India and take up non-violent and local remedies instead of pesticides and chemicals.
  • Use of animals for farming and animal-operated vehicles, wherever possible in the country, for travel and transportation in order to stop animals from going to slaughter house.
  • Arrangement for grains and water for birds in every village/city.
  • Reinstate grazing land of every village of the country, deepening of ponds and making them functional again, rainwater harvesting and making infertile land more fertile; and crisis of water resolved effectively.
  • Growing Indigenous trees as a result land becomes rich and every living being receives shade.
  • Every household of the country maintain milch animals such as cow, buffalo and goat so as to do true service as well as to get fresh milk products.
  • In any natural calamities in the country, everyone from common man to great people participate firmly by accepting their moral duty for service of affected.